• Fair Environmental Markets Initiative

    The Fair Environmental Markets Initiative aims to build carbon market schemes
    that allow and ensure benefits are equitably and fairly distributed among the participants involved in its projects.

    It is a strategic partnership forged between regions, governments, organizations and many relevant actors
    whose main goal is to promote carbon market opportunities in developing countries, based on fair carbon pricing schemes.




  • How was the initiative born?

    This initiative was born in view of the rapid development of carbon markets in the world and the urgency to find tools to assist countries in increasing their climate ambition.


    Its goal is to create a strategic alliance between regions that share the same vision and interests regarding the protection of environmental integrity and equity in the sharing of benefits. The main point is to identify issues to work in collaboration and strengthen their voice in international discussions.


    This initiative has had a great dynamism from the beginning in partnership with Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Ecuador and partners from West Africa, whose main goal is to promote biodiversity preservation and environmental integrity issues on a global scale. The Climate and Biodiversity Loss Crisis demands unprecedented proactive leadership, a reinforced climate governance based on the development of a new approach of transparency and equity in carbon markets.



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    Climate Summit in Cartagena

    Colombia, October 6th to 8th 2021


    The Fair Carbon Markets Declaration was signed, along with Latin American and West African countries, in the framework for the Latin America and The Caribbean Summit.

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    COP26 in Glasgow

    United Kingdom, October 31st to November 13th , 2021


    Official launching with the participation of Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Ecuador, West Africa, among relevant participants

  • What does this initiative seek?

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    What is Fair Environmental Markets?

    The Fair Environmental Markets Initiative aims to strengthen and redefine a new path of equity and integrity for the future of carbon markets.

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    This strategic partnership aims to leverage the experiences and lessons learned during the development of carbon markets, technological innovation around digital financial tools to generate greater traceability and credibility in projects, and viewing carbon markets as a financing mechanism that, beyond reducing emissions, can generate resources to support the social and economic development of local communities.


    From the Global South, as the main guardians of biodiversity and environmental integrity, the main goal is to advocate a holistic approach that address all voices, and definitely assume their role as Environmental Creditors.

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    This partnership is a historic opportunity for developing countries to strengthen international cooperation and become leaders on this brand new approach to carbon markets towards transparency and integrity.

    Let's promote sustainable development, innovation and value creation in the fight against climate change.

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