•       Fostering the future of carbon projects
          in fairness and equity

  • This event, organised by the Environmental Markets Fairness Foundation together with ALLCOT and the support of EcoRegistry, Cercarbono, Senken and Flowcarbon, aims to discuss the importance of equity and integrity in the carbon markets, putting a special emphasis on how these values are essential to the projects related to mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in West Africa.


    The event not only shared the value proposition of the development of carbon markets in the region, but also will implement strategic initiatives taking the leadership to be spread worldwide.

  • Agenda and activities

    September 2nd to 9th , 2022 | Saly, Senegal

    Mangroves reforestation

    We have been witnessing the development of the ALLCOT Blue Carbon Mangrove Senegal Project, which aims to restore 7,000 hectares of Mangrove areas in Casamance and Sine Saloum. The participants had the opportunity to tour the mangrove areas to be restored with the guidance of the local actors leading this project who understood the significance of creating sustainable alternatives for the development of their community.

    Distribution of efficient cookstoves

    During our visit we were able to meet local communities that benefited from the CDM CPA Cookstoves distribution in Senegal, which aims to reduce deforestation through the distribution of 50,000 efficient cookstoves, which means a 30% reduction in firewood collection. In addition to the impact on emissions reduction, this project was developed with a gender perspective that results in empowering local families by engaging them as agents of change in this climate action.



    The first session of the 3-day Workshop started with the welcoming by Ousmane Fall SARR, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Workshop "Fostering the Future of Carbon Projects in Fairness and Equity". This first session included opening speeches from our Secretary General, Patricio Lombardi, representing the Environmental Markets Fairness Foundation and its principles; CEO&founder ALLCOT, Alexis Leroy, on the current state of carbon markets and the importance of strengthening fairness within it; leading experts from West Africa and Latin America, who spoke about the current state of carbon markets in the Global South region and the active moderation of Sergi Cuadrat, Managing Director of ALLCOT who has led this dialogue.


    Continuing with the synergy achieved during the initial day, a discussion space was created, led by the moderation of Massamba Thioye, Director of the UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub.

    This second session focused mainly on issues such as the emergence of new technologies around innovation in financial tools and their positive impacts on generating greater traceability and credibility in carbon markets, with presentations by Ikarus Janzen, from Climate Collective; Adrian Wons, Co-founder & CEO of SENKEN; Juan David Durán - Executive Director of Ecoregistry; and Andrés Correa - Board Member of Cercarbono.
    At the end of their words all speakers and participants engaged in round tables where they were able to exchange their expertise and lessons learned.


    The third and final session of our Workshop "Fostering the Future of Carbon Projects in Fairness and Equity" proposed participants to engage in round tables dialogues on the concepts and ideas shared since the beginning of our agenda in Senegal to address from a holistic approach and analysis of carbon markets as a financing mechanism that beyond emissions reductions, it generates resources to support social and economic development of local communities.

    As well as understanding the historic opportunity to position Africa and Latin America as global leaders in the preservation of biodiversity and environmental integrity, these regions can assume the role of the Global South as environmental creditors.
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